What You (Almost) Forgot to Bring: Sewing Purses, Organizers, and More for Travel


Warning: This post contains incredibly helpful information and sewing tutorials. You were supposed to leave 12 minutes ago for the airport, but you know you’re forgetting something. Your keys? Chargers? ID? What is it?? There just isn’t time to think about it anymore. Boldly you yell at everyone to get in the car, scoop the […]

Kids and Camping Hacks: 17 Camping Crafts for Kids


Ah, camping! It is one of the best summer activities. With warm weather and your family, you can escape to the woods or the lake with just a handful of supplies. In theory, camping is fun for the whole family. Time away means tuning out the rest of the world and spending time with one […]

The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts You’ll Love


Wearing shorts is one of my top five favorite fashion choices for the summer. I love being able to feel the sun and the air on my legs without all the extra responsibility of a skirt. I don’t have to worry about wind or crossing my legs just right. I can just enjoy the summer […]

Summer Lovin’: How to Sew a Bag for the Beach


Going to the beach is right up there with barbeques, outdoor concerts, and fireworks when it comes to the quintessential summer activities. If you are a total beach babe, you know that having the perfect beach bag can make or break your day at the beach. A bag that is too hefty or too small […]

You Don’t Say! Interesting Survey Results from Our Readers


At AllFreeSewing, we genuinely want to know how to best serve our readers. If you subscribe to our newsletter, Sewing It Up, you may have noticed an opportunity to participate in a survey. We really wanted to know what you liked, didn’t like, and wanted when it came to Sewing It Up. After all, we […]