Scrap Quilt Patterns for the Lazy Quilter


Real talk: as much as we all love quilting, we don’t always love the hassle. So much time is spent cutting, piecing, marking, designing … all the little chores that are part and parcel of making a beautiful quilt. To be honest, sometimes quilting can be cause for therapy as much as it can act […]

Building Blocks: Free Quilt Block Patterns for Every Quilter

Scrapbuster Rail Fence Quilt Block

Everyone needs to start somewhere with any big project. If you’re working on a new drawing, you need to start with a sketch. If you’re building a cabinet, you need to start with a design. When you’re making a quilt, you have the option to piece it together with quilt blocks. I love a gorgeous […]

Interview with Quilting Arts TV’s Susan Brubaker Knapp

Susan Brubaker Knapp

Cool news, quilters! FaveQuilts recently had the opportunity to correspond with Susan Brubaker Knapp, new anchor of Quilting Arts TV, to talk a little about her own quilting and her advice for all those home-quilters out there.  She was kind enough to answer YOUR questions, which we collected via our Facebook page and our newsletters. […]

The Circus Is In Town! Animal Prints and More


Who doesn’t love the circus? I know, I know–some of us have trouble with clowns. But doesn’t everybody have at least one great memory of the circus? Maybe it was the huge elephants, or the acrobats, or the lion trainer putting his head in the lion’s mouth. Or maybe you liked watching the trick horses. […]

Baby Mine, Don’t You Cry: 20 Precious Baby Quilts

Baby Quilt Patterns for Boys and Girls

Everybody loves making baby quilts. They’re the perfect gift for new parents: pretty, practical, and not too overwhelming for the quilter. Plus, baby quilts have the added bonus of being incredibly versatile in terms of style, difficulty level, size, and materials. You really can’t go wrong. So whether you’re in the mood to make a […]

14 Free Modern Quilt Patterns for the 21st Century Quilter

Styled and Sashed Modern Garden Quilt

Feeling a little stuck in the past? It’s easy to gravitate towards traditional quilt patterns that are tried and true, but these designs don’t exactly free up your quilting creativity. Instead of making an old-fashioned pattern, try something new! Let these free modern quilt patterns from FaveQuilts inspire you. Free Modern Quilt Patterns We’ve rounded […]

Pick a Place: Easy Quilted Placemat Patterns, Quilted Mug Rugs, and More


I hate tablecloths. It seems as though every single time I put a freshly laundered one on the table, someone spills on it. Rather than policing my guests or having small panic attacks every time somebody passes a dish, I’ve decided to take a different tack: placemats. Placemats are simple to make, easy to clean, […]

Let Me See That Jelly Roll! 10 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

 I absolutely love jelly roll fabric. They’re so versatile and fun. You can make almost any project with a jelly roll, from home decor to clothes and accessories to full bed quilts. They’re great for any season and any skill level. Are you a beginner just learning piecework? A jelly roll race quilt is the pattern […]

Star Light, Star Bright: 17 Star Quilt Patterns to Light Up a Room

Star Quilts Featured

When it comes to sewing a quilt, you don’t get any more classic than star quilt patterns. These are a staple design, perfect both for beginning and advanced quilters. Star quilt patterns are enormously variable and fun to sew; whether you stick to a traditional design or go for a more modern look, there is […]

10 Small Quilting Projects to Keep Forever

10 Small Quilting Projects to Keep Forever

If there is one thing that all quilters can agree on, it’s this: quilts take a long time to make. The finished product is almost certainly worth all those hours of sewing–all the cramped fingers, the pin pricks, and the dinners that come out burned because we lose track of time while chain piecing–but no […]