Go with It! Quilt as You Go Tutorials

Quilt As You Go Tutorials

Have you ever tried the quilt as you go method? Rather than first finishing your quilt top and then layering your quilt sandwich, you piece, sandwich, and quilt a project simultaneously. This method works particularly well for small projects, so we’ve compiled a collection of small quilt projects for your quilt as you go inspiration! […]

Ahoy, Sailor! Simple Quilt Patterns for the High Seas


Nothing says “summer” like a day on the high seas. Forget beach vacations: we’re talking cruise ships, motorboats, even a fishing dinghy. Quilters are always looking for simple quilt patterns that suit their interests, and for all the sailors out there, your time has come. Today, FaveQuilts is honoring everyone who would rather get sea […]

Cheverybody’s Favorite Chevron Quilt Patterns

Striped Chevrons Baby Quilt Tutorial

Do you love the pattern chevron? We do! We’re chevron crazy over at FaveQuilts, and you’re sure to see why. These patterns are simply stunning, and they’re also simple to make! Follow any of these easy quilt patterns to create a beautiful new chevron quilt. Make small projects like accessories and baby blankets, or create […]

FaveQuilts Talks with Judy Martin: Author, Teacher, Quiltmaker


FaveQuilts works with so many incredible designers, bloggers, and companies, but it’s a special thing when we get the opportunity to speak with someone who is, to some degree, all three! Judy Martin, one of our latest designers and the author of Patchwork Among Friends: From Patterns to Potlucks and Stellar Quilts, agreed to answer […]

Top 5 Quilting YouTubers

We here at FaveQuilts are all about mixed media. We love printable patterns, books, eBooks, social media, and of course, YouTube. Video tutorials are such a great way to learn how to make a quilt. The visual component of a video tutorial makes every pattern just that much easier, since you can actually watch the […]

“How to Make a Jelly Roll Quilt: 9 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns” free eBook

How to Make a Jelly Roll Quilt

What is the worst thing about quilting? C’mon, everyone has that one step in the process that they just hate. And if you’re like us here at FaveQuilts, it’s pretty straightforward: cutting. It’s such a tedious process that requires so much focus; unlike piecing, which you can do in a rhythm while listening to music and […]

Magician’s Corner: Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

There’s nothing like a nine-patch. These quilt patterns are incredibly easy, beautiful, and — best of all — perfect for quick quilting and scrap usage! These types of easy quilt tutorials are always a reader favorite on FaveQuilts, whether it’s full nine patch quilt patterns or nine patch quilt block patterns. So we’ve stocked up, […]