How to Photograph Craft Projects + Awesome Giveaway!


For the majority of us, our smart phones are our go-to tool.  Not only are they phones, but most now can surf the web, pay your bills, store your music, and even act as a high-quality camera.  Gone are the days of poor photo quality…today’s cell phones have the ability to take amazing photos and […]

Say Cheese! 15 Camera Crafts and Photography Tips


It was there when your sister got married. It was there when your grandson was born. It was there when you took a roadtrip to see the world’s biggest ear of corn.Your camera has accompanied you to the major (and not so major) events in your life. So show this clever little invention some love […]

New Pattern Monday: Frame Work


I always have tons of photos to print or upload after the holidays end. Sometimes the photos serve as belated gifts, or just nice household reminders of the good times with family and friends. I am a photo frame junky – and I’m very particular about which frames are displayed where. After all, frames can […]

How to: Make Unique Christmas Gifts for Women


The Christmas season is always a tough one for me. We know it’s coming and we count down the days, yet every year it surprises me and I am never prepared for it. With the economy slowly coming back, it’s still tough to spend a lot of money especially for those with large families like […]

Color Week


Thank to Kleas, I’ves stumbled across this idea of a Color Week started by curious bird. This blog lists links to all the partipants (and there are MANY). Blue Monday was yesterday, which is exactly the right color choice for Monday, and today is Purple Tuesday. The craft bloggers (and other bloggers) are taking pictures […]