Sewing for the Little Person: DIY Puppy Outfits


It’s a little difficult for me to make outfits for two Labradors. For one thing, they both won’t sit still long enough to put anything on, and for another, they’re both too big to fit into anything and they would pull it off anyways. You can find dog outfits nearly anywhere you go. For those […]

Celebrate Your Furry Friend On National Love Your Pet Day

Today is a very important holiday … it’s National Love Your Pet Day! The next time your spot your favorite furry friend, give him or her a little extra squeeze (not too hard, though). Here at FaveCrafts, we love dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even sugar gliders! We love sharing stories about our pets and […]

Does Your Pet Wear Clothing?


I can’t believe the outfits they make for dogs and cats these days! I just put together a great article on dressing your pet, called 31 Patterns for Pet Clothing. I’ve always had bigger dogs (Labrador Retrievers), so I’ve never paid much attention to dog sweaters or accessories. I just recently got a small dog–a […]

New Pattern Monday: Animal Inspired Crafts


If you’re an animal lover, then you’ll love these adorable, animal-inspired crafts, new on FaveCrafts last week. Darling Deer Woodsy Purse: This wooden purse was a fantastical thrift store find. Even if you don’t have a wooden purse, you can use this whimsical design as inspiration for a lunchbox or even a small chest. Make […]

Today’s Newsletter: 28 Pet Crafts


Since I’m hoping to adopt a dog from a local shelter soon, I thought I would share some craft projects for man’s best friend. For you, best friend might mean a dog, cat, hedgehog or even a particularly personable goldfish. Explore our complete collection of 28 pet crafts here. 1. Tie-Dye Dog Bandana (shown) 2. […]

New Pattern Monday: Puppy Love


As the weather cools, we’re all pulling out our thick sweaters and heavy coats. Chicago has been known to get some snow by Thanksgiving, so I guess we’re expecting it… When you’re busy preparing yourself for the cold weather, don’t forget about Man’s Best Friend. Your puppy, especially if he’s a little one, deserves a […]

Crafts for Your Pet


I came across an interesting site today: bowwowmeow. The company creates craft kits for your pets and (as the company says), “fun and easy to do and provide a great way for someone to express the love they have for their four-legged companion. They have craft kits for everything from scrapbooking to animal “party collars.” […]