An Abundance of Colors! Make Beautiful Paper Crafts

An Abundance of Colors!

Get inspired! It’s quite the colorful time of year with spring here and summer just around the corner! Nothing quite says warmer weather like gorgeous colorful paper crafts. Whether you’re a fan of ombre or you like bold contrasting colors, we have a colorful craft for any cardmaker, scrapbooker, or paper crafter! Say hello to […]

Say Hello To Spring With Handmade Greeting Cards

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion. Hello crafters! Spring is finally here and I’m excited to start crafting for Easter. I love sending cards to friends – it’s a great way to add a smile to their mailboxes! I’ve been die cutting lots of patterned paper into super fun […]

Time to Celebrate! Make Homemade Birthday Cards

Homemade Birthday Cards

Birthdays are the only holidays that takes place year round. If you’re like me, you have people to shop for at least once a month. May is a particularly busy month for birthdays in my life, but did you know that the least people are born in May? NobleWorks has compiled a collection of fabulous […]

Paper Crafts to Warm Your Heart

Quilled Hearts Jewelry

Honestly, the weeks of winter that follow New Year’s Day seem like a waste. Cold winds, snow drifts, icy roads, and no presents to show for it? No, thanks! In my perfect world, we’d fast forward to spring, but unless someone invents a time machine, we’re stuck with this crummy weather for at least a […]

Memory Making 101: Scrapbook Page Ideas and Giveaway

Tropical Memories Scrapbook Cover

When my sister graduated from high school, my aunt gave her a scrapbook. It didn’t look like much at first glance. The cover was plain green and it only had a few photos on it. Inside, though, that book was bursting with handpicked photos, captions, and adorable embellishments. My aunt spent four years learning how […]

12 Handmade Card Ideas: How to Make Your Own Greeting Cards

The holiday season has come to a close, but there are plenty of occasions to celebrate in the coming months. Give the gift of a handmade card that fits any season. At AllFreePaperCrafts, we have tons of great handmade card ideas for those times you want to send birthday greetings to friends, notes of thanks […]

Butterflies, Flowers, and Hearts: Creative Romantic Ideas with Easy Paper Crafts

Washi Tape Heart Card

Just because we’re in the middle of winter doesn’t mean we can’t think of spring. Try a few paper crafts ideas that were inspired by warmer weather, and you’ll stay cheerful even in these chilly temperatures. Now that it’s past New Year’s, the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins. This year, we at AllFreePaperCrafts want to […]

Print it Out! 17 Printable Paper Crafts

17 Free Printable Paper Dolls and Other Printable Paper Crafts

Do you have a printer? Do you have two minutes? You can print anything! These printable paper crafts are fantastic craft ideas if you want to make something in a snap. Seriously, the variety is insane. When was the last time you printed out a Printable Paper Doll or put together a flower bouquet entirely […]

Paper Crafts of Flight: How to Make Paper Butterflies and More Embellishments!

Paper Crafts of Flight

Birds, butterflies and dragonflies all have something in common: they all can fly! Believe or not, these creatures of flight are some of the most popular paper crafts right now on These beautiful creatures can be used in a variety of paper craft projects. If you love to craft embellishments, wearables, handmade cards, or […]

How to Color + Free Giveaway!

Good Thoughts Card

Coloring was one of the greatest activities in all of childhood. Back then, the biggest emphasis was learning how to color inside the lines. It didn’t matter how much pressure was exerted on the marker, colored pencil, or crayon. Mixing colors didn’t seem to be much of a problem, and if the unfortunate error of […]