DIY Textured Vase

DIY Textured Vase

At first glance, I thought this vase was store-bought. I mean, didn’t you? It looks as if it was crafted professionally somewhere with the use of fancy machines and expensive equipment. But no! This lovely DIY Textured Vase is a handmade creation using clay. And even better, it’s a DIY project easy enough for any beginner […]

DIY Donut Coasters

DIY Donut Coasters

Now be honest – there’s a good chance you saw these donuts and thought “Yum, I would eat those,” before realizing that they were made out of wood. Don’t be embarrassed! I had the same reaction when I saw these DIY Donut Coasters. They truly look good enough to eat! This easy DIY project will […]

Lucky in Love St. Patrick’s Day Card and Pedestal

Untitled design (25)

Today we have a guest post from Stefanie Girard from Sweater Surgery! She’ll be sharing with us an easy way to decorate for St. Patrick’s day. For more great tutorials, be sure to check out her blog! Good thing we have lots of holidays to celebrate as it gives all of us card makers and […]

12 Delightful Duct Tape Crafts

Duct Tape Crafts

There are some items that are always bound to appear in your house, whether you remember purchasing them or not. Paperclips, notepads, candles, bobby pins, rubber bands…these items inevitably end up cluttering your junk drawers and overflowing into all areas of your house. For me, the biggest perpetrator is bobby pins. Those little metal clips […]

10 Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Remember the good old days, when pulling out a coloring book and using markers, crayons, or colored pencils to bring life to your favorite pictures was the best way to spend an afternoon? Well, get ready, because the good old days are back! Recently, adult coloring books have been making a huge comeback. Major crafting […]

14 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns That Will Steal Your Heart

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns That Will Steal Your Heart

When the winter winds become so bitterly cold that you can’t bear to be outside, what do you do? Hiding under the blankets and staying in your bed until spring is certainly an appealing option, but not a very realistic one. Here at FaveCrafts, we say fight the cold with needles! Knitting needles, that is. […]