Happy National Embroidery Month!


Since February is National Embroidery Month we’re taking a look at the well-known craft that’s remained popular for centuries. Embroidery starts when an outline is drawn on fabric and then stitched over with a back stitch. This will create a solid line in thread. Projects ranging from handbags to ornaments can include embroidery. Traditionally, embroidery […]

The National Needlework Association Trade Show


I’m at the TNNA trade show. Basically, it’s the place where your favorite yarn shops and needlework shops come to see what’s new and get yarn, canvasses and more. And it’s amazing! SO much to see and do. The Fashion Show on Friday night was amazing, and Saturday I got to walk the show floor […]

Crafternoon Tea


Last Saturday, I attended two classes in a series called Crafternoon Tea. My first class was embroidery and it was a huge success! I can do all the basic embroidery stitches now and can even do french knots. To do a french knot, you bring the needle up from the bottom with the floss knotted […]

Felt Corset Sachets


A certain fondness for pretty under-things and maintaining them well made me completely fall in love these Felt Corset Sachets. I’d love to throw a few in my top drawers (pun very much intended). These were found through my blog source of embroidery eye-candy Feeling Stitchy. Flickr user rectangel shares the free pattern for three […]

Flight of the Conchords Embroidery

Flight of the Conchords Embroidery by Lily

If you’re not already a fan of the comedy duo/band Flight of the Conchords, you will be after hearing songs like “Business Time” and “The Humans Are Dead” (sung by robots after the robot revolution). Not only are their songs hilarious, they’re really quite catchy! I’m humming one right now. Because I’m obsessed with all […]

Craft crush: Jenny Hart

Dolly Parton

Most of you, especially those into needle crafts, probably already know about Jenny Hart.  But just in case you don’t, check out her work ASAP.  Not only is Jenny extremely talented and accomplished, her work never ceases to bring a smile to my face.  Check out her website or Flickr for some inspiration!

Beginner’s Embroidery Part 2


While I’ve gathered the necessary embroidery materials and learned how to backstitch, I want to learn what else I can do with embroidery stitches. Last time, I didn’t mention how handy a bit of carbon transfer paper is for tracing a design onto your fabric. These come in different colors, even white for tracing onto […]

Etsy Pick: Squid Embroidery


Earlier last week, I wrote a post on beginner’s embroidery and how I want to embroider a squid for my first project. For a little inspiration, I thought I would find the best examples of squid embroidery on Etsy. I will admit I’m a tad obsessed. Searching for such specific topics on Etsy is the […]

Squid Embroidery


I love embroidery but I have never tried it, nor do I currently have the necessary tools. Nonetheless, I have a project in mind. I want to embroider a squid onto a pillow. Before Christmas, I decided to start a collection of handmade squid things for my boyfriend, whose nickname is indeed squid (I know, […]