Tell A Story: How To Make a Quirky DIY Pendant


You must have all heard of the rather poetic concept of sending messages in glass bottles. The first recorded use of messages in bottles is said to be around 310 BC, when Greek philosopher Theophrastus used it for his experiment. It is said that Contemplating on this subject I was also reminded of ancient scroll type […]

16 DIY Jewelry Ideas in Tempting Turquoise


Turquoise might just be the most beautiful shade of blue that there is. It is reminiscent of mermaids with pretty blue eyes and the entire sea for them to roam. The ocean’s greatest treasure is the lovely greens and blues that inspire us so much. These DIY jewelry ideas are all little mixtures of aquas […]

Fashion Flashback: 1950’s Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas

Fashion Flashback: 1950's Inspired Jewelry Making Ideas

Sometimes, we all think about what it would feel like to live in a past decade. One of the easiest, and most chic, ways to get a sense of what it might have been like in another decade or century is to wear some fashionable vintage jewelry. AllFreeJewerlyMaking has put together a list of some […]

12 Fantastic Friendship Bracelets


One of the best ways to accessorize for summer is to pretty up your arms with friendship bracelets!  Great for boys, girls, women, and men, friendship bracelets have made a comeback…and we’re so glad to see their return! Often made with embroidery floss, like this Ultimate Friendship Bracelet, friendship bracelets are fun and easy projects […]

Your DIY Jewelry Summer Bucket List

Your DIY Jewelry Summer Bucket List

Everyone should have a summer bucket list, so AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together a DIY jewelry bucket list for you to complete throughout the rest of your summer.  With this list of ten stunning summer jewelry crafts, you will not only learn what are hot pieces right now, but also how to craft the always popular […]

8 Enchanting and Magical DIY Jewelry Projects

8 Enchanting and Magical DIY Jewelry Projects

The summer months can be long, hot, and busy. With a million places to be, it is hard to spend time focusing on what pieces of jewelry to wear that day. As a result, we end up either wearing no jewelry or putting on plain pieces. What we all need this summer are some fun, […]

Five Forever Fashionable Flower DIY Jewelry Projects

Forever Fashionable Flowers: 5 DIY Jewlery Projects

While flowers may drive our allergies mad during the spring and summer seasons, we can not help but love them. Always happy and cheerful, DIY jewelry projects with flowers are the perfect way to make your outfits “pop” with color and dimension. AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together some of their favorite flower jewelry pieces for you […]

Discover What Shape You Are: Jewelry in Six Stylish Geometric Shapes


Geometric shapes are the hottest jewelry trend. Fun, festive, and funky, geometric jewelry is the perfect way to stay stylish while letting a little loose this summer. Hot summer days in the office or at the park with your children can be long, so spice it up with any of these stunning DIY jewelry pieces […]

Hot Jewelry Trend: Precious Metals for Summer

Hot Jewelry Trend: Precious Metals for Summer

Summer is a time of beachy bracelets, rope necklaces, bold colors, and nautical prints; but, sometimes even in the hot summer season, you need a little bling in your life. Every girl’s gotta have a little sparkle, even in the summer months. There is no better way to add a little shiny element to your […]