18 Fabric Flower Crafts To Brighten Winter Days


When the weather is just barely above freezing, it’s hard to think about flowers. In fact, it’s during this time of year that  you begin to forget what warm weather feels like and pretty flowers look like. It’s easy to let the cold and dreary temperatures bring you down, but what you might not know […]

Between the Pages: 10 Book Crafts


Books can take us on magical journies through time and space…opening doors to new worlds, introducing us to new characters, and giving us new outlooks on life.  They hold some of our favorite stories and tales, and they give us the power to scour the deepest regions of our imaginations.  While books are great for […]

14 DIY Rug Ideas for Barefoot Living


“Take off your shoes and stay awhile.” That’s what my mom always say and it always guests into friends and family. Is there anything better than taking off your uncomfortable work boots or high heels and stepping onto something soft. With these tutorials, you can learn how to make a rug that will make your […]

12 Thrifty Wall Decorations You Can’t Live Without


I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand having white walls in my house.  To me, a white wall is just screaming for bright paint, a colorful picture, or some clever and creative wall art to help spruce it up…and lucky for you, I’ve gathered 12 of my all-time favorite thrifty wall decorations to […]

Use Yarn for These Unforgettable Home Decor Crafts

When you think about yarn, you probably imagine a crochet hook or pair of knitting needle at the same time. Save for a few popular Pinterest projects and trendy DIY ideas (wrapping glue-covered yarn around a balloon and then popping it – haven’t we all tried this craft at least once), yarn is pretty much […]

Trend Alert: Make Your Own Mustache Wall Hanging

This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion. Mustaches have taken over just about every aspect of our lives and can be found in home decor designs and on clothing, accessories and more. My daughter and her friends are totally obsessed, so when she was invited to a mustache-themed party, I […]