101 Homemade Gifts Your Boyfriend Won’t Hate

Homemade Gifts Your Boyfriend Won't Hate

It can be so hard to shop for your boyfriend around Valentine’s Day. All of the traditional fall-backs of the holiday just don’t apply to boys. The flowers and teddy bears and chocolates that they can shower you with on Valentine’s Day aren’t exactly gifts that men would want to receive. So what’s a girl […]

The BEST DIY Gift Ideas: Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns

FC Blog- The Best DIY Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns (1)

Looking for the best DIY gift ideas? The holidays will soon be upon us, so it’s time to start making all of your handmade gifts. These knit and crochet baby patterns are the perfect gift for the little one in your life. There’s love and care put into every stitch, so these baby patterns are […]

The Cutest Baby Crafts You’ve Ever Seen (Seriously!)

Want to make a big impression at the next baby shower you attend? Here’s an ideas – give the absolute best gift. Sure, the new mommy is supposed to be the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own moment in the spotlight. Among a sea of store-bought items, your […]

Make it Personal: Monogrammed Gifts for Family and Friends

Make it Personal: Monogrammed Gifts for Family and Friends

There’s something charming about monograms. Personalization is practical and comforting to people, whether they be newlyweds, homeowners, or little girls and boys. It’s fun to see your name or initials on items you use daily, like a favorite coffee mug or pillow case. Plus, it’s so easy to keep track of monogrammed accessories. At AllFreeChristmasCrafts, […]

Thank Your Teachers! 25 Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas

Apple Core Spool Card

Ideas for teacher gifts aren’t always easy to find! Your child won’t want to bring in the same gift as a classmate; instead, help your little student make something homemade. Handmade teacher gift ideas are so exciting because they give you an opportunity to craft something totally unique with your kids. Thank your student’s teacher […]

How to Give the Perfect Present: Gifts by Personality


Gift giving is an art, and when you’re good, you’re good. But if you’re not, we’re here with some marvelous suggestions that will get your wheels turning. Nothing means more than a well-chosen gift: a present that was clearly thought out. Consider your recipient’s personality to give a gift that she’ll love. These ideas work […]

Gift Guide: 26 Quick Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

Hand Print on My Heart Card

Throughout this week, I embarked on a crafting adventure  that continued daily the instant I returned from work. It began as a mere idea on Monday, and by Friday it had transformed into the finished product. My friend is going to be a freshman at Western Illinois University, and I decided to make her a no-sew […]

14 DIY Gift Ideas


Save money this holiday season by making all your gifts by hand.  From lovely home accents to beautiful accessories, the projects in 14 Gift Ideas and DIY Home Decor are all great for the holiday gift-giving season. Girls of all ages are sure to love this Jingle All the Way Bracelet.  Adorned with the characters […]

Trendy Quilted Gifts for Tech Geeks

Trendy Quilted Gifts for Geeks

Although there are quilt designs called Grandma’s Garden Flowers and Log Cabin Blocks, quilting is anything but outdated. Actually, I’ve found that quilting and technology go hand in hand. Not only is there a diverse collection of free quilt patterns and quilting tutorials on sites like FaveQuilts, there is also a growing interest in small […]