3 New Candle Crafts


Our house is lacking the smell and comforting flicker of candles. A giant bag of plain tealights is all I have to create a romantic or cozy atmosphere. I’m going to have to change that. Luckily, we have some brand new candle craft projects from CandleWic. Homemade candles can be customized for your favorite colors […]

Product Review and Giveaway: Aromatherapy Votive Candlemaking Kit


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER Linda Olsen from California Here’s what Linda had to say: “How Cool! I haven’t made candles of any sort since I graduated from college. Now I can get back into it with the added bonus of aromatherapy!” Candle-making Kit, Candle Wiz by Candlewic Product Review by Maria Nerius Everything you need […]

Beeswax Valentine Garland


A few days ago, I posted a tutorial for making melted crayon heart valentines. One of my favorite blogs, Resurrection Fern posted a tutorial on making a beeswax heart garland today. I don’t know where she got those heart molds but they are absolutely perfect!  I hope she shares her source. The hearts are lovely […]

Homemade Soap


Have you noticed this trend in making your own cleaning products at home? When my friend developed a skin condition, she too threw away every harsh-chemical-based cleaner and scrubber in her house. Her hands reaped the benefits. Containing fewer ingredients such as that miracle helper vinegar, homemade cleaning products are cheaper, often as effective and […]