Free Knitting Patterns for Fall

Free Knitting Patterns

Okay, so it’s a little difficult to imagine wearing, let alone knitting, a sweater, scarf, shawl, or gloves. Especially when it is nearly July and the temperatures are soaring quickly into the 90’s. But all those things take time to make people! Before you know it, school is going to be starting and the leaves […]

Plan Ahead: 14 DIY Fall and Winter Wedding Centerpieces

weddings feature

Spring and summer are the two biggest seasons for weddings. My sister just got married about three weeks ago, so I know how much planning she had to do in an abnormal amount of time in advance, just to make sure she got everything done before the rush for all the other summer weddings went […]

Link Love: Doctor Who Crafts and Free Crochet Patterns

Doctor Who Crafts and Crochet

My companions, in all of time and space you will never find such a stockpile of incredible DIY crafts and free crochet patterns. For those of you who don’t know the TV show Doctor Who, you’re probably going to be slightly lost. I’m sorry, just run with it. This is my second favorite pop culture […]

Sewing for the Little Person: DIY Puppy Outfits


It’s a little difficult for me to make outfits for two Labradors. For one thing, they both won’t sit still long enough to put anything on, and for another, they’re both too big to fit into anything and they would pull it off anyways. You can find dog outfits nearly anywhere you go. For those […]

Popsicle Stick Crafts For Kids and Adults


Remember those Lincoln Logs? Are they even still around anymore (I must be showing my age)? You can stack them as high. I loved building things with my hands. That’s why I became so crafty as an adult. Although, I was never prepared to give up my popsicle stick crafts. They were very much like […]

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Crafts and DIY Costumes for Kids

Dinosaur Crafts

In lieu of the newest installment of the Jurassic Park series, your kids (and most likely you) are jumping up and down in excitement for the improved CGI graphics. As you should be! It’s been a long haul since the first movie came out. Universal Studios still has a portion of their theme-park dedicated to […]