Link Love: 35 Trendy DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry

One of the common misconceptions about DIY jewelry is that they don’t look like store-bought or that they aren’t trendy and fashionable. We are here to prove them wrong! Homemade jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and there are endless possibilities with what you can do with it. There’s clay jewelry, metalwork, beaded, wire work, and so […]

Link Love: Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor


I will be honest, I had never heard of macrame before. I didn’t even know how to use it in a sentence! So it came as a surprise when I typed it into Google and find that it’s just knots. (I’m sorry to those of you who already know what it is, but bear with […]

Link Love: Doctor Who Crafts and Free Crochet Patterns

Doctor Who Crafts and Crochet

My companions, in all of time and space you will never find such a stockpile of incredible DIY crafts and free crochet patterns. For those of you who don’t know the TV show Doctor Who, you’re probably going to be slightly lost. I’m sorry, just run with it. This is my second favorite pop culture […]

Link Love: Easy Shawl Patterns


Calling this season “summer” would not suffice. Monsoon season is a lot more accurate. After the intense downpour this morning, the wet mornings, and wet nights for the past two months, I’m ready for some sun. But in the meantime, sweatshirts, coats, and homemade shawls are a must for those summer nights. It’s cool enough […]

20+ Free Knit Bag Patterns for Summer!

I’m Marie Segares from Underground Crafter and I’m thrilled to share a roundup of knit bags with you today! Whether you’re an old pro or you’re just learning how to knit a bag, there will be something here for you. As the weather gets warmer, you may be wondering what to knit. I love working on […]

Link Love: How to Make a Scarf for Spring or Summer


If you were to ask my husband how many scarves I own, he would probably say something close to, “Too many,” or “A ba-jillion.” While he may be pretty accurate with those statements, there are so many ways to wear scarves for each season that I can’t possibly ever have too many scarves. On that […]