HOO Will Love These DIY Owl Crafts and Recipes?

Owl Crafts, Recipes, and More

When I was a kid, there was an owl’s nest outside my window in the tree. Owls are nocturnal. They hoot incredibly loud at night, and they’re territorial. Those things would screech with so much hostility that I ended up keeping my blinds and windows closed for nearly two years. When Dad finally knocked down […]

Rainbow Loom Patterns: What Are Those Things

Rubber Band Bracelets

I went home this weekend for my sister’s bachelorette party. Now, I don’t mind airports. I don’t mind getting through security and waiting in the terminal for my flight. I do mind when I actually get on the plane and actually fly. I know. I’m weird. Sue me for being claustrophobic and being 33k feet in […]

Trend Alert: Elephant Craft Projects for All Ages


There’s a trend that has been popping up all over the place and it’s about time we write about it! Elephants! I’ve seen them on scarves, wall art, t-shirts, dining ware and more. We are all aware of the fox trend, the owls, and the increasingly popular hedgehog. But elephants took me by surprise – […]

What We Saw at CHA 2015: Craft Trends Report


We had a great time at CHA 2015!  The showroom floor was buzzing with plenty of great new products and trends.  Here are a few of the trends that we think will be taking the craft world by storm in 2015. String Art We saw this craft at several booths this year! String art is […]

Which type of scarf are you? + 24 Scarves to Make in One Night


Discover your crocheting/knitting style by taking this quiz! Then figure out which pattern you should try next based on your results. *Grab a scrap piece of paper and a pen to record how man A’s, B’s, C’s, or D’s you get!* When bundling up for the cold, you always reach for… A. Something to keep […]

Crafty Word Search + 8 Crafts We’re Obsessed With


Everybody loves word searches right? Take a moment to look at this word search and see what words you find. The best part? There’s no answer key! So everyone who searches will find their own set of three words. No cheating!   We’re also totally OBSESSED with these craft projects: Shockingly Easy Sewn iPhone Pouch The […]

Let’s Stick Together: 23 Washi Tape Ideas


What is this mysterious washi tape you ask? Why, it’s only the easiest way to add some decorative flair to anything ever! Washi tape originated in Japan and has since been a popular craft item for many beginner and experienced DIY-ers. With just a simple roll of washi tape, you can add a bit of pattern […]