How to Organize Your Home: DIY Storage Ideas

Organizing your Shoes

It’s amazing how big messes just . . . happen. One minute your kitchen is sparkly clean, and the next, every single pot, pan, and utensil is piled in your kitchen sink. One minute your craft room looks shiny and new, and the next, paper scraps and yarn seem to have exploded in a whirlwind […]

How to Buy a Sewing Machine: Choosing Your New Best Friend

Grandma Approved

So you want to buy a sewing machine. The options are endless—so endless, in fact, that buying a sewing machine can be incredibly intimidating, especially for beginners. More experienced sewists may have a better idea of what they’re looking for, as previous sewing machines may have had features that they liked or would prefer to […]

Planning a Winter Wedding? 5 Tips for Making the Most of the Holiday Season


For brides with November 2014-February 2015 dates, winter 2013 brides needing last-minute ideas, and dreamers who love looking at wedding ideas, here are five tips to make your winter wedding a wonderland. Despite the affinity for summer weddings, I find a certain dreaminess in snowfall, hot chocolate, and cuddling. The romanticism of winter provides the […]

Encourage Creativity: The 5 Best Apps for Kids


This post brought to you by Megan Gilligan and Katherine Sutton of AppCertain. Read our review of AppCertain! How can we use technology like iPad apps to stimulate kids’ creativity and encourage it? There are many apps that enlist a child’s creative thinking while they use them. Here are our top five picks for apps […]

Sewing Nightmares: Try Some Tips to Conquer Your Sewing Fears


AllFreeSewing asked you on Facebook what your biggest sewing nightmares were, and the answers were horrifying. What was really astounding was that most of you had actually realized your sewing nightmares. Reports of electricity outages, ill-fitted wedding attire, and even fingers caught in the sewing machine made us cringe. We thought we’d offer up some […]

Relaxation Secrets: Spa Day at Home


School is almost over, which means that the kids will be home for much longer periods of time. This can get stressful, unless you think of a brilliant idea (or AllFreeKidsCrafts does)… Relax with the kids at home by designating it spa day. I know that it’s rare to see “relax” and “kids” in the […]

Hot Glue Gun Tips

Here we are with some great new tips from bloggers! This week’s topic: Glue! Everything you could possibly want to know about how to make your hot glue gun strings go away or how to clean up those sticky messes! Crafting Tips from I know that when I make crafts with my little sister, […]

Ask Maria: Candy Crafts = Bugs?


Question:  Crafting with candy seems very popular lately. What keeps the candy from attracting bugs? Answer: I think you are right that crafting with candy is very popular right now. Many “candy crafts” incorporate candy that remains in its original packaging, so that would not create a pest problem. But other crafts use candy out […]