Burst Into Spring: 16 Flower Crafts

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We wrote a special poem just for you. Are you ready?









Was it a little too much? Well, I just can’t help it! Here at AllFreeHolidayCrafts, we obviously love winter and the holidays associated with it, but given the long and treacherous Chicago winter we’ve been having, let’s just say that I’m a little excited to begin crafting for spring (understatement of the year). Instead of looking out my window to find grey from sky to ground, I have a hankering for a pop of color and the smell of freshly cut flowers. Don’t you? With spring just a month away (thank heavens), it’s time to get crafting. And let me say, what could possibly scream spring more than flower crafts?



While it still might be too cold (and covered in snow) for me to have some freshly cut flowers, at least I can create some of my own! Not to toot my own horn, but I think these might even make Mother Nature envious. It’s hard to believe that they’re made from paper or fabric. Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re also guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. So what are we waiting for, let’s get crafting!

Fabric Flowers:

Learn how to make fabric flowers with these beautiful tutorials! These are great ways to do a little spring cleaning to your scrap pile, too.



Paper Flowers: Paper-Flowers

Learn how to make paper flowers that will leave everyone thinking you splurged on a bouquet at the super market with these fabulous tutorials! Choose nice bright colors to brighten up your home.




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  1. Taylor Odisho says

    These are some great and easy-to-do, spring crafts! I especially can’t wait to try making the butcher paper spring wreath.

    I don’t know if it didn’t work for just me, but a few of the links aren’t working in Fabric Flowers (only French Twist Fabric Flowers and Summer Dahlia Flower Wreath), so you may just want to double-check that.

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