Boredom Busters: Cheap, Fun Activities for Kids During Winter Break

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Hot Chocolate SnowmenTwo weeks off of school generates a lot of excitement from kids, but when they realize that doing nothing all day can get old, they may rethink their positive attitude. And when they get bored and moody, you’re in trouble. Stay away from trouble with plenty of crafts and activities to keep the minis busy during their vacation (which can be your vacation, too!). AllFreeKidsCrafts has tons of projects and games to entertain everyone from toddlers to teens.

Only giggles and smiles will inhabit your home when the kids get crafting. Don’t think that you have to spend tons of money to keep the munchkins entertained for the holiday break. Unplug and unwind. Both your wallet and the kids will be better off if you stick to creative, mind-exercising activities. Spend this holiday break without XBox, Gameboy, and movie after movie, and you’ll find that everyone will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the New Year.

Crafts To Make With Cardboard Boxes

Remember the oldies but goodies when you’re desperately trying to think of something for the kids to do besides screaming. That’s right; bring out the old, trusty cardboard boxes.Intergalactic Space Cruiser They cost you nothing, and there are so many creative ideas these days on how to turn them into something extremely entertaining. There are some great options out there on the web, but the Intergalactic Space Cruiser would have to be my #1 pick. I mean, c’mon. What kid wouldn’t want to fly through the galaxy visiting planets and meeting aliens, and what parents wouldn’t want to keep their kids busy for hours as the children build the most affordable cruiser to ever enter space?

More Fun Cardboard Box Boredom Busters:

Great Indoor Craft Ideas for Kids

The kids have played outside for four days straight (if you’re lucky), and there is not another inch of space in your front or backyard for another snow angel or snowman. They finally decide that their Recycled Kaleidoscope Crayonshands might fall off, and that they haven’t made enough of a mess. They come inside and are ready to wreak havoc, but thanks to AllFreeKidsCrafts, you have indoor crafty activities ready to go. We’re always right behind you with great ideas. These projects also work for the days when it’s just too cold to go outside and the kids have ants in their pants. Use items you have around the house to cheaply keep the wee ones busy for hours at a time. I really enjoy the Edible Snowmen from Toddler Boredom Busters. The kids are guaranteed to be hungry after hours outside, and the snow fun doesn’t need to end when they walk in the door. Fix both of those cravings with this fun, snowy craft that they can eat.

Other Indoor, Crafty Boredom Busters:

Homemade Game Ideas

Games, games, games! Here is a great round up of the most fun games to play during vacation that both the kids and you will love. Your whole family will have a blast playing these Paddle Ballgames together, and none of them will be played only once. You’ll be hearing lots of begging to play Despicable Me Minion Bowling again and again. The fact that these games are homemade, make them all the more enjoyable. They’re also great if you’re traveling somewhere and need to keep the kids happy.

Additional Homemade Boredom Busting Games:

Dollar Store Deck of Memories Game
Indoor Fishing Game
Ball Drop
Balloon Paddle Ball

What is your favorite thing to have the kids do while they’re on a long break from school?

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