Ask Maria: Candy Crafts = Bugs?


Question:  Crafting with candy seems very popular lately. What keeps the candy from attracting bugs? Answer: I think you are right that crafting with candy is very popular right now. Many “candy crafts” incorporate candy that remains in its original packaging, so that would not create a pest problem. But other crafts use candy out […]

Ask Maria: Bye-Bye Printed Books, Hello Digital?

Question:  Just recently, Encyclopedia Britannica announced it will no longer publish books, but go digital. Do you think art and craft books are headed in the same direction? Answer:  Radio was supposed to die when television was introduced and yet we still have plenty of radio stations broadcasting. Radio adapted, found niches, but like most […]

Ask Maria Ruffled Scarf Crazy

Reader Question: I’ve seen some beautiful ruffled scarves lately and would love to make one, but not sure what kind of yarn is being used. Any help? Answer: I have seen these scarves too and you are right–the scarves are fabulous, and amazingly easy to make. You’ll need what most are calling ruffling (also called […]

Ask Maria: Combine Crochet and Knit with The Knook

Reader Question: My friend said there is now a crochet hook that you can also knit with but I can’t find it anywhere. Have you heard of such a needle? The team is just back from attending the 2012 Winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show and we did find the amazing tool […]

Ask Maria Pigment Ink vs Dye Ink

Reader Question: What is the difference between a pigment ink and a dye ink? Is one better than the other for stamping?    Answer: A pigment ink is a slow drying ink that is water resistant. A dye ink (sometimes called watercolor ink) is not water resistant unless it is permanent ink and is not […]

FaveCrafts 365 Favorite Tool Do-Over

I watched a movie last night and in the movie one of the kids goes running through the house yelling, “Do over! Do over!” I’d never heard the phrase before and just loved it. Imagine if we could just yell “Do over!” every time we messed up, wanted to change our minds, or just felt […]

FaveCrafts 365 On A Serious Safety Note…

Recently a home very close to me blew up. You read it correctly, the home blew up and went down in flames in less than 15 minutes. The cause of the fire was craft related and this video talks about being very careful when using some craft supplies. It was a blessing that the family […]