11 Beginner Tie Dye Tutorials and Tips

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Learning how to tie dye is one of those useful life skills that often go underappreciated. I remember tie dying shirts at birthday parties when I was little and having a blast, so it’s my opinion that the world would be a little more cheerful if we all learned to tie dye. For one thing, […]

24 Crafting Tutorials and How Tos You Might Have Missed

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Lately, the editorial staff here at FaveCrafts.com has been working hard on creating extensive how to articles to help our readers out with basic crafting projects and solve every day creative problems. These crafting tutorials not only come with charming DIY craft ideas, but allow you to make the best of crafting materials, your creative space […]

12 Christmas in July Crafts that You Need to See


July is here which means that Christmas is less than 6 months away. Whether you’re ready to start crafting for December now or just want to check out your options for the next few months, the Christmas craft ideas below are charming holiday ideas that you absolutely did not make last year. All new to […]

11 Unexpectedly Simple Embroidery Hoop Crafts


It is no small secret that I am absolutely obsessed with alternative ways to decorate your home. One of my favorite DIY décor ideas is populating gallery walls with new and exciting shapes, sizes, and textures. Hanging printable wall art, canvas art ideas and more can really add some visual appeal to your gallery wall, but […]

9 Succulent Crafts You Can’t Kill


I know that succulents are supposed to be the easiest plant to keep alive. I have read over and over again that these low-water, low-maintenance, admittedly very cute plants are impossible to kill. This is supposed to be the case, but you know what? I have yet to meet a succulent I did not kill. […]

Hook Ahead: 12 Crochet Cardigans You’ll Want This Fall

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While it might seem like it is too early to start thinking about your fall wardrobe, every crocheter knows that a quality crochet cardigan pattern can take some time to crochet. Since cardigan patterns to crochet can be extra complicated and are much larger than smaller fall accessories like crochet scarves or mittens, you want to […]

2 Shark Coloring Pages for Shark Week


Shark Week is still here, and we are still celebrating. We here at FaveCrafts love just about any animal out there. Sharks are no exception. There’s something so scary yet amazing about a shark. In addition to this crazy fun round-up we posted a few days ago, we wanted to provide some even more exciting […]

Charming Chompers: 19 DIY Crafts for Shark Week


The first Shark Week aired on the Discovery Channel in July of 1988, making shark week nearly 30 years old to this date. This fact alone is a testament to our obsession as a culture with sharks. Sharks are the dinosaurs of the deep, inspiring fear and fascination in our hearts. I’ve always been a […]

Submitting Your Projects to FaveCrafts: Tips from the Editor

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Last year, we launched a brand new program for our bloggers and designers to submit their projects to our site. Years ago when FaveCrafts first launched, our editorial staff had to manually upload every single project submitted to the site. That meant a lot of work on the editor’s end and a lot of waiting […]

15 Big-Impact Small Space Garden Crafts

How to Make a Fairy Garden 4

If you’re like me, you would love to have a huge green space where flowers bloom and bunnies visit hoping for a nibble to display all of your stunning garden crafts and outdoor DIY ideas. The spring and summer always makes me feel like running outside and immediately making garden projects. The problem is I […]