Introducing our Newest Blogs!


FaveCraftsBlog readers, we have some extremely exciting news for you: today marks the beginning of our two newest blogs, Craft Paper Scissors and Seams and Scissors. Craft Paper Scissors offers everything that FaveCraftsBlog offered, and more! There will be giveaways, craft collections, exclusive tutorials, and content from all of your favorite “AllFree” crafting sites like […]

The Ultimate Wedding Guide Free eBook


If you are in any way associated with a wedding in the next few years, you have found your new favorite book. From brides to guests, everyone will find the answers to their burning questions within the pages of The Ultimate Wedding Guide: Wedding Planning Timeline, Wedding Etiquette and Advice, Maid of Honor Duties, and […]

Fresh Solutions for an Old Rhyme: Something Blue Ideas


Originating in the much-looked-to Victorian era, the century-old rhyme, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is a method for bringing a bride good luck. Superstitious or not, it’s fun to incorporate these four elements into your wedding-day ensemble. If you’re stumped as to how to make something blue work, we’re teeming with ideas. […]

Printable Collection: 11 Jaw-Dropping DIY Wedding Centerpieces


WARNING: Your jaw will be on the floor after browsing this collection of 11 DIY Wedding Centerpieces That’ll Drop Jaws. If your jaw stays on the floor for more than three hours, please consult a doctor. The suggested prescription is the craft supplies required to make your favorite centerpiece. Not recommended for women under the […]

Tropical Getaway: Nautical Wedding Inspiration


Sun’s out, fun’s out, and if you’re throwing a warm-weather fete, it better scream summer. Gorgeous greens, bright blues, soft sea foam, and pure white make for a romantic affair that guarantees a good time. Even if your venue isn’t located on the beach, the details below will ensure guests feel sand between their toes, […]

21 Stunning Summer Wedding Finds


Wedding season is on the horizon, and we’re on the hunt for stand-out details to inspire the brides of next summer and beyond (or those still tying up loose ends for their upcoming nuptials). If the weddings you attend aren’t this fabulous, then we apologize for making you wickedly jealous. Bright colors are one way […]

Light Up the Night: 25 DIY Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding


You glow, girl, and on your wedding day, you’re going to glow even more brightly than ever before. Filled with love, magic, and a whole lot of smiles, the only thing missing from your glow is uber-romantic lighting. Don’t rely on the setting sun or the awful fluorescents your venue offers to make your wedding […]

6 Amazing Wedding Websites You Don’t Know About


Brides-to-be, listen up because I’m about to reveal some serious insider information. While other soon-to-be-married ladies are emptying their bank accounts and pulling their hair out, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear and throwing your head back with satisfied laughter. I’m here to introduce the most coveted secrets for making wedding planning a walk […]

11 Sinfully Easy Late Night Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding

7 Sinfully Easy Midnight Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding

Weddings can be exhausting for guests. With all that dancing and drinking, wedding party-goers often end up hungry before they are ready to exit the festivities. These 11 Sinfully Easy Late Night Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding will send your guests home with a happy stomach. Many wedding themes are ripe with easy midnight […]