AuntyK’s Crochet Guyz

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Kathleen's Crochet Guys
Auntyk”s Crochet Guys from Wisconsin USA

AuntyK’s Crochet Guys originates from the brain of Kathleen Ward from Wisconsin. It’s so creative that one may look it and say “OH MY what is that?” to people like me thinking “OH MY… that’s so creative that it’s actually inspiring!” Either way, her crochet guys are stunning and create a reaction.

I’ve known Kathleen for a few months through Facebook. Kathleen is a creative artist with watercolors to crochet projects. She is also a proud grandmother. Her crochet guys have been around for about 4 years at this point.
Kathleen mentioned why create stuffed animals for your grand children that all look the same?
Why not create a special character that will be a lifetime keep sake? Something so special that it can’t be duplicated. Understanding the concepts of crochet and how it can twist and turn, she set herself on a journey of exploring crochet without patterns. The dolls take shape as she goes. Some dolls takes her up to 70 hours to complete due to the complexity of the yarn transitions.
She jokes how some of her designs come to her in dreams at night time. He brain is always processing 24-7. She is truly an artist!
Kathleen has stepped up to the Challenge with The Crochet Crowd at Creativ Festival this coming Fall. Two of her very special custom designed characters will be on display. Kathleen sells some of her creations on ETSY as well has sells many others are live crafting shows.
If you are ever interested in creating your own Amigurumee Characters, be sure to look up to give you free patterns to follow. Once you get it, you two might be able to create your own special characters too!
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