Ask Maria “Protecting Metal for Outside Use”

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I am making a metal spoon wind chime. Should the spoons have a protective coating on them especially here in Florida outside.

Bev in FL via Facebook

With no protection the metal will age which is a lovely look for outside, however if you do not want the spoons to rust then you should use a finish or sealer. The easiest way to do it is to use a spray sealer like Krylon Crystal Coat. Work in a well ventilated area, put down some newspaper or other covering for your work area. Lay down the spoons and spray in several light coats (rather than one thick coat).

When using a spray finish try to avoid spraying on a day with high humidity, which isn’t always easy in Florida! Hold the can at least 6” away from the object you are spraying to get the most even coat. You can always use brush on sealers. Just remember to let the sealing medium dry completely between coats for best results.

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  1. katrinia says

    you can also use wd40. this helps and does not turn the metal colors or show wear off spots when the sealers wear off. you might have to do it a little more often but does help. i am a contractor/crafter so thought this info might help. thanks, k

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