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I collect bottle caps for points to win from the manufacturer and have collected quite a few. What can I do creatively with all these plastic soda bottle caps?

You asked the right person! I found all kinds of cool craft projects that use plastic soda bottle caps on I too end up with quite a few bottle caps at the end of the month and love finding and designing cool projects with this little treasure.

One of my favorite projects with the plastic soda bottle caps is to turn them into pincushions. Clean and paint the caps. Cut a small circle of fabric slightly larger than the diameter of the cap, stuff with Polyfil and with a running stitch gather the circle into a ball. Adhere the ball with the gathered side down into the cap and you have a little pincushion.

I also use the caps to hold paint and to mix dyes. It’s fun to recycle the caps into something crafty!

The art project above can be found in 8 Ways to Craft With Bottle Caps on And check out this creative back-scratcher!

Maria Nerius is the craft expert and in-house designer at She enjoys researching and answering art and craft questions, feel free to send her a note through customer service. She is also the editor of Creative Income, a free newsletter available through subscriptions.

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  1. Ruth says

    I would like to know where I can find a metal hoop for embroidary.I like to do embroidary the old way by hand,I don’t like the new hoops(wood) ones so if u can email me back for I would like to find one if they still make them.Thank u

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