Ask Maria How to Organize in a Small Space?

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My craft room is also my bedroom and I have a loft bed with my school desk and a chair under it, but I need more space as I sew, paint, bead, and just love to craft in general. My room is dedicated to my crafts yet it is so small I have a craft desk in the corner with a small book shelf. Any ideas?

Oh, I feel your pain! Organization for crafters is not easy even with a whole studio dedicated to crafting. Plus you are more than likely on a tight budget while going to school.¬† My first thought was a chest which could hold supplies a bit hidden, but available easily. You really need to think about what kind of supplies you use. A set of simple shelving on a wall might help. I often “display” my supplies like room accents. I put my tools in mason jars and line them up on a shelve in an eye-pleasing manner. I also use stackable organizers, from shoe boxes to plastic containers. I just keep stacking up! I also get rid of bulky packaging when possible, it seems to make room for actual supplies.

Please share your organizational tips for small spaces! Let’s get clutter-free in 2011

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  1. Peggy Quinones says

    Use whatcha got! Once I had only a corner of my living room for sewing. It had to stay neat all the time. I used pegboard hung at my right for stuff like scissors, rulers, machine stuff. I made a shoe holder-inspired thingy with clear plastic for pattern pieces, current projects, etc., and hung it over the machine. A pair of ruffly curtains hid them. Folks thought it was windows. Clear plastic boxes slid under the sofa for the messy stuff and a secondhand wood low dresser was a coffeetable that held stuff too bulky for under the sofa bins. I repurposed the old hi-fi by taking out the mechanicals and installing wood shelves to store fabrics. I still use the old hi-fi!

  2. Judy Atwood says

    I find plastic “S” hooks are handy. Attach to clothes hangars, sides of boxes, dresser knobs, window sills, etc. Be creative. Also belt hangars hold plastic bags very well and attach by hanging to closet rods. Hang on the sides sides of a wastebasket even!Tension poles between sides of loft bed you could hang things from.I’ve neen there in tight places but there’s always room for “a little more!”

  3. Wanda says

    At one time I had to store my craft supplies in my living room. I solved the problem by putting a folding screen across one corner. The screen was easy to move when I wanted to access my supplies and they could be stacked behind the screen.

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