Quilting 101 for Animal Lovers: Animal Print, Modern Quilt Patterns, and Projects for Pets

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One of our favorite sources of inspiration has been shared with designers, quilters, and people all over; animals. Our editors at FaveQuilts have noticed that whether it’s with gorgeous animal print fabric or a cute little quilt pattern for your pet, quilters can’t get enough of animal patterns! We want to help celebrate both the wild and the domestic with some creative and cute quilt patterns that are all animal-inspired in one way or another.

Projects with Animal Print

Quilting fabric is so much fun when it comes to prints. Not only are there patterns than use those classic designs we’re familiar with like the one seen in the Tiny Tiger Pouch, but there are also some beautiful fabrics that include cute little animals that quilters are able to cut and transform into creative designs for kid’s quilt patterns, as well as holiday-themed designs.


  1. Tiny Tiger Pouch (shown)
  2. Bedtime Bears Baby Quilt
  3. Cats Around the World Quilt
  4. Chilly Penguin Wall Art
  5. Elephant Applique Cushion
  6. Under the Sea Quilt

Modern Quilt Patterns Inspired by Animals

Even if you only have plain fabric, you can still express your love of animals through your quilt patterns. There are many paper piecing patterns and quilt blocks that use the techniques you’re already familiar with to depict your favorite animals right on your project.





  1. Happy Cat Quilt Block (shown)
  2. Bird Love Quilt
  3. Enchanting Peacock Pillow
  4. Giraffe Quilt Block
  5. Howling Wolf Block
  6. Majestic Maple Fox Block
  7. Owl Always Love You Quilt Sampler
  8. Pig in a Blanket Quilt
  9. Silly Shabby Butterflies Quilt


Small Animal Quilt Projects

Putting an animal on your quilt isn’t the only way you can make a project featuring your favorite creatures. These small quilt projects serve as organizing ideas, quilted gifts, and just all-around fun ways to make you smile.


  1. Kitten in a Box (shown)
  2. Bucket of Fish Game
  3. Charlie the Elephant
  4. Chickadee Pincushions
  5. Stuffed Turtles
  6. Sweet Christmas Birdie Ornament
  7. Winter’s Deer Paper Pieced Block


Projects for Pets

Our pets are like members of the family, so why not show them some love with one of these easy quilt patterns? Imagine how much money you’ll save by putting together a scrappy pillow for your puppy or a fun little catnip toy for your cat. They’ll last for years, they’re easy to repair, and they’ll be just as unique as your precious pet.



  1. Pinwheel Pillow for Puppies
  2. Plaid Puppy’s Dog Bed
  3. Best Blanket for Dogs
  4. Reversible Halloween Dog Coat
  5. Catnip Mice


Safari Fabric Bundle


If you’re ready for your patterns to get wild with some animal-inspired designs, simply enter to win this Safari Fabric Bundle from Quilting Treasures. You have until November 5th!

What animal do you think is the most inspiring?






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  1. Norma Weeks says

    I absolutely love the giant Pandas, and am inspired by their indomitable courage and persistence in living out their lives in an ever-smaller environment, subject to poachers and a limited source of food. They are so beautiful they give one a sense of peace and love.

  2. Emilie Brewer says

    The beautiful graceful horse, it is majestic regal animal from its velvet soft nose to its banner like tail fluttering in the breeze as it gallops with pride and commands attention of every passerby, sunlight flickers off its satin sheen of silvery black coat durning a light spring day as god rolls out a green carpet for him. Prince.

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