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How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Free eBookWe know it’s early, and we’re trying to say this as gently as possible: it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Even if you’re through with birthdays, baby showers, or graduations for a few months, you know the year’s biggest holidays are just around the corner. Before you click to another post out of panic, stick with us. AllFreeSewing has compiled a group of projects to help reduce any present-induced stress this holiday season with our collection of easy homemade gifts. That’s right, breathe a sigh of relief, because fresh off the shelves of AllFreeSewing is How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas. It’s free for you to download at your convenience and is, faithful to our name, totally free.

The noble designers who made How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas possible knew what they were doing. Easy and fast to make, these dozen designs are perfect gifts for situations when you’ve lost motivation, inspiration, or time. From the beautiful photographs to the accessible instructions, this roundup of homemade gift tutorials will give you everything you need to create lasting, functional, and gorgeous gifts. Make something for everyone from your tech-savvy niece to your baking-addict great aunt. These lovely gift ideas certainly range in style, but all maintain a level of high quality.

  Linen NapkinsHomemade Gifts for the Kitchen

Quilted dish cloths, linen napkins, and aprons. These everyday kitchen accessories are always on demand. Because everyone always needs an extra napkin to sweep or freshen up their kitchen, they make perfect presents. Learn how to sew a napkin, dish mat, apron and more from these 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas. You’ll be so grateful to the creative minds behind these simple sewing projects for both dreaming up the gift idea and tutorial.





15 Minute Wrist RestCreative Homemade Gifts

One of our favorite parts of the How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas free eBook is the unexpected gifts. You have to see them to believe them. Projects like the 15 Minute Wrist Rest tackle utility and fun in one homemade gift. Most likely you (like us) never thought about defeating that arthritic pain that accompanies keyboard usage with a simple sewing project, and that’s exactly why this gift succeeds in creativity. Find this tutorial and more in the pages of AllFreeSewing’s latest creation.


No-Sew Glasses Case

No-Sew Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas

Yes, we did account for the fact that on a last-minute basis, there’s not always time to sew. Either your machine gives out or you literally have no time to run your fabric through it. The no-sew do-it-yourself gift ideas in this eBook maintain a polished look that will make even you question whether or not you did indeed make them without sewing. Best of all, these patterns allow you to opt for the sewing machine if you have more time and don’t want to use adhesive. They’re easy for a reason!



How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Free eBookBetter to be safe than sorry and download How to Sew a Gift for Any Occasion: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas to have on hand. The editors at AllFreeSewing have copies saved to our desktops at home and at work in the likely circumstance that we forget to pick up a bottle of wine for that next dinner. Make gift-giving fun again with these dozen delightful tutorials!



Be honest, have you started your holiday sewing?



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    I am making my nephews sleep pants for christmas, i measured their waistes’ is this how long i cut the elastic, or do i cut it a little shorter? somebody plz help im running out of time

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