AllFreeJewelryMaking Giveaway: The Complete Photo Guide to Beading

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I envy children’s picture books when I’m attempting to follow a wordy tutorial, and I’ve commiserated with many other adults. Creative International Publishing developed a medicine to cure our jealousy. The Complete Photo Guide to Beading is a miraculous, essential handbook for those who want to learn how to bead as well as those who consider themselves experts. Admire page after page of gorgeous, crystal-clear photography taking you on a journey to beading mastery. Are you ready for the beading adventure of a lifetime? Enter for the chance to be the one lucky winner in the The Complete Photo Guide to Beading Giveaway!

 The Complete Photo Guide to Beading Giveaway


Garner the top-secret tricks to making beading easy, yes easy, with The Complete Photo Guide to Beading. It begins with the very basics of beading, introducing each type of bead and any hardware you need to carry forth. Before you even pick out your beads, you will be fluent in the beaders’ language. Take a trip through bead stringing, weaving, and embroidery as you twist and turn through the spectacular world of beads progressing in skill level as each page passes.

The most unique aspect of this book, though, is that it goes further than creating jewelry. It features beautiful belts, ornaments, dolls, pins, framed pictures, and more to ensure that the book appeals to everyone. Once your eyes are set on the most dazzling composition of beads, you will have no choice but to learn how to make the masterpiece for yourself.

Enter now for your chance to win a copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Beading! The contest ends December 17, 2012, and you can enter once a day, so keep coming back to improve your chances!

Stringing, weaving, or embroidery: Which is your favorite beading technique?

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  1. Kathy says

    I have never tried weaving or emboridery but would love to give it a try, and what better way then all in one book.

  2. Nina says

    Beading is fun! You can make your own jewelery and design it in your own way, with your favorite colors, beads and size too! It is great not just for ourselves but also as a gifting and decorating item. Thanks for sharing about this book. Will surely have a look at it.

  3. Elaine M. Edmonds says

    I am new to beading and jewelry making and I love it. I’ve made a couple pieces and I’m so happy with them. Looking forward to making a lot more.

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