7 Spectacular Christmas Craft Ideas in Our New eBook

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Is August too early to start thinking about Christmas?  Nonsense! It’s a widely acknowledged fact that, much like a freight train, holiday spirit is almost unstoppable, but requires a little time to get started.  Why not start turning the pistons on a great holiday by downloading our 7 Thrifty Craft Ideas eBook?  While idle hands are traditionally the devil’s workshop, this gem of an eBook shows how they can also be the genesis of some great decorative touches that won’t break the bank.

7 Thrifty Christmas Craft Ideas

Personally, I think you can’t beat a Wine Cork wreath for a nice rustic Christmas decoration. Like all great crafting projects, it gives you an excuse to sip wine and then use a hot glue gun.  If that doesn’t sound like your thing, never fear, the magnificent alchemy contained in this eBook will let you make snazzy ornaments from wire hangers or Christmas cards, and the crowning glory of any warm, fuzzy holiday household: a warm fuzzy holiday stocking.

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And when you’re finished with that, why not leave us a comment about what project is getting you in the Christmas Spirit this August?

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