6 Thrifty and Cheap Valentine’s Day Crafts

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Every junk drawer probably has these staples:  an old map, some glass bottles, mate-less socks, worn out crayons, old thread spools, and maybe even some leftover plastic cups from a recent football party.  If you’ve got one or more of these, you can easily make one of these six thrifty Valentine’s Day crafts, perfect for last minute Valentine’s Day décor and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts.  This year show your love with these cute handmade projects that can easily be made with items you already have in your home!

When it comes to romantic gifts, nothing beats something that’s handmade.  Whether it’s a home-cooked meal or a scrapbook of fond memories, taking the extra step to make something for your loved one goes a long way.  This Custom Couple Silhouette project would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other.  A few pictures and some scrap paper is all it takes to make this project…and the recipient is sure to love it!

For those who hosted football parties this past weekend, I’m sure you have plenty of glass bottles and plastic cups taking up room in your recycle bin.  Well, with a quick wash, bottles and cups can be transformed into great Valentine’s Day décor!  These Love Letter Bottles make unique Valentine gifts and are fun crafts to do with your loved one.  As for those red plastic cups, this Red Plastic Cup Heart Garland is an easy and fun way to add a vintage touch to your home.  Decorate each heart to your liking, but lace looks beautiful against the red!

Most households probably have a collection of mate-less socks in their laundry room or junk box.  Instead of waiting for the long lost mate to show itself, why not turn those socks into these cute Bunny Sock PuppetsInexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas like this are great for families to do together, or would be a fun project for the kids to work on when mom and dad grab dinner and a movie!

When I was in young, I used to love Valentine’s Day parties at school!  It was so fun to hand out little cards to everyone in the class!  This year, help your kids make these Melted Crayon Hearts Valentines for their class!  Not only will you use up those cracked and broken crayons, but kids will love this functional and fun Valentine!

Sometimes a little love note can go a long way, and this Vintage Spool Valentine is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation.  Simply write a note, song, or poem to your loved one and wrap it around the spool.  Tie it with a string and toss it in your Valentine’s lunch bag, purse, or briefcase.  It’s a small gesture that they’re sure to love!

So with Valentine’s Day a mere week away, crunch time has begun!  There’s no need to run to the store for last minute flowers and expired chocolate…you can make something much more meaningful with items you have laying around the house…and chances are your Valentine will just love it!


Have another thrifty Valentine’s Day craft?  Tell us about it!

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  1. Shannon Stebbins says

    Great ideas! I love the Custom Couple Silhouette. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I try to go for the subtle surprise with my wife and incorporate our 4-year-old son in making something fun for her. My wife is very very crafty so I can’t go near her in regards to skill level, but when I do try out a craft it never fails to illicit a laugh, one that suggests she is both shocked but also grateful I took the time and effort.

    I got the below idea from my Mom as we have traveled a bit over time. So, when my wife comes up to my sons room on that day, she will see the below door hanger! Simple but fun!

    1. Cut out 3 hearts from purple craft foam; 1 large and 2 small using the pattern found on a printable page.
    2. Cut the letters “BE MINE” by hand from white craft foam
    3. Using white glue, attach the hearts and letters to the pink craft foam pre-made door hanger blank
    3. Outline the hearts with glitter glue.
    4. Lay flat until completely dry.


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