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It’s been fall for exactly one week and I already miss summer. I don’t like the cold weather or the falling leaves. I don’t like warm drinks and heavy boots. I miss flip flops, pools and sunshine until eight o’clock at night. This is especially upsetting for me because I am the editor for, a site that does not include any mention of summer at all. Okay, that’s not exactly true. There is one mention of summer of AllFreeChristmasCrafts and it just happens to be one of my absolute favorite free eBooks, 6 Adorable Homemade Christmas Crafts for Summer.

This eBook was created for people like me who can’t quite keep up with the seasons. It’s autumn now but I want to celebrate Christmas in July – is that too much to ask? No matter your state of mind, these projects will get you in the holiday spirit and spark your desire to get creative. In this eBook you’ll find ornaments, wreaths and more. Make projects with the kids or crochet a present for your cat – there are so many fun options for Christmas crafting.

Here’s what you’ll find in this eBook:

Dough Bear Ornaments: Create adorable teddy bear ornaments using a simple bread dough recipe. Once you’ve formed the bears and baked them for three hours in your oven, you can begin painting and bringing them to life. Cover the entire ornament in a clear glaze to help your ornament stand out on the tree. You can add a hook to the top and string it up on your tree or if you prefer, you can leave the hook off and place it on your mantel. This is a fun project for the entire family to work on together.

Ruffled Fabric Christmas Wreath: If you love to sew, then you’ll love creating this DIY wreath. You can use festive fabric scraps for this project – the more mismatched, the better. Spray paint a large letter and add it to your wreath for a personal touch. Make a wreath now and hang it on your door all season long. This is a great way to greet guests and show your holiday spirit.

Download a copy of 6 Adorable Homemade Christmas Crafts for Summer – it’s free!

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