5 Sewing Projects You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Get excited, because today we’re looking at sewing projects you didn’t know you needed. You’ll find that this collection of tutorials is not only ingenious, but easy. Take your extra fabric scraps and use them on these easy sewing projects that are sure to come in handy in your day-to-day life. Ready to find out what these sewing projects are? Let’s get started.

1. Brr! Draft Blocker

Brr! Draft Blocker

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a hundred year old house or a brand new one, you know you feel that draft. At first it doesn’t bother you, but then you realize that the polar vortexes don’t know what “warn out welcome” means and that your Raynaud’s syndrome is near a state of alarm. What do you do? Freeze like the little match girl, or address the issue? Obviously, you tap into your fabric stash and create this awesome draft blocker from Patchwork Posse. Let’s avoid frostbite if we can.

2. DIY Car Sun Shade

DIY Car Sun Shade

On the other end of the temperature spectrum we’ve got a suggestion for one of those, “feels like I’m in a skillet” days. You know when you drive your car (every day) in July? You leave it in the parking lot, run into the Jewel to grab a carton of milk, and come back to an actual oven. Has the devil himself taken residence in your LeSabre? No, it’s just the sun. This DIY sun shade from Craft Snob is perfect to keep your seat cushions cool and your carton of milk from skimming on the way home.

3. Microwave Bowl Holder

Microwave Bowl Holder

Imagine that July sun that we just discussed, and imagine it indoors, on a bowl, burning your once baby-soft hands. That’s the feeling you repeatedly have when you take that bowl of leftovers out of the microwave. You know it’s hot, you know you’ve been burned before, but you’re so hungry and the food is literally at your fingertips. The primitive drive to hunt for your meal will never go away, but that burn can with this DIY microwave bowl cozy from Nannynotes2u.

4. Bowl Cover

Bowl Cover

For those of you thinking, “You just did that one!” you’re absolutely wrong. A bowl cover, while still accessorizing one of man’s finest creations, performs a completely different function than a bowl holder. The holder protects the person, the cover protects the food. Why is this something you need? How much money to you dish out on plastic wrap? What do you do with the plastic wrap when you’re done? Throw it away. If a equals b and b equals c… that’s right, you’re throwing away money. Take advantage of this easy sewing project from Collecting the Moments and save some money and your favorite casserole.

5. Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths

Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths

Alright, everyone loves Swiffers. They gently reminded the human race that dusting was still necessary, despite our stumble into the twenty-first century. However, if you have a home and live on Earth, then you need to (or should) dust a lot. If you’re the type that loves to clean sweep their house every week, then this DIY sewing project will save you a bundle. If you’re more of the “never has cleaned in their life” type, then this will save you from buying a box of Swiffers and only using one sheet. Take your stash and put it to work on this reusable necessity from Sew Much Ado.

Did we get it right? What are some items that you absolutely need?



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  1. Carol A Jensen says

    Couldn’t get to the bowl cover instructions, but I have seen it elsewhere. Thanks for all of these! 🙂

  2. Lou Gerster says

    I wanted the microwave bowl holder but was denied entrance….. 🙁 why?

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