4th of July Decorating Ideas

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Now is the time to celebrate the birth of our nation with a collection of homemade 4th of July decorating ideas. My favorite 4th of July decorating ideas involve stars, which are reminiscent of the American flag and very easy to make, and of course, the colors of the American flag, red, white and blue. You can use materials from around your house, like cereal boxes, to make these stars and not spend a penny on your 4th of July preparations. Use the 4th of July decorating ideas listed below to prepare for a patriotic party or BBQ this weekend. I know I will.

4th of July Star Wreath from Sizzix

Red, White and Blue Cereal Box Stars

Use the sturdy cardboard from an empty box of cereal or other cardboard packaging as your base material to make stars.  Without or without a coat of acrylic paint, these stars can be used for various 4th of July decorating ideas. Cut at the edges of the cereal box to create flat pieces of cardboard.

Use a star cookie cutter as a template or freehand draw your first star. Cut out and use the first star as a template to make a whole set of matching stars. I like to make my stars slightly bigger than the size of my palm for my 4th of July decorating ideas. To use as placemats or other table settings, cut out bigger stars from the cardboard.

Paint your stars with red, white and blue acrylic paint. If you don’t have paint, look for scrap paper in red, white and blue to cover your stars. Junk mail works too! The red Netflix slips (after you open the envelope) are perfect for a scrap piece of red paper. For the best results, brush glue or decoupage median on the cardboard and smooth out paper when applying. If you the cereal box colors are right, you can also leave your cut-out stars as if for a variety of 4th of July decorating ideas.

For another idea, tear up pieces of red, white and blue tissue paper and decoupage to your cardboard stars. Use all three colors on each star or only one color for each for a different look. To create “stained-glass” stars for fun 4th of July decorating ideas, cut out two matching stars or circles from the centers of two cardboard stars. A craft punch will make this quick and easy. Glue a piece of tissue paper to cover the opening on one star and glue the other star on top (sandwiching the tissue paper). Hang your stained-glass star in the window and let the light shine through.

Once you have your 4th of July stars, here are some 4th of July decorating ideas to use them:

  • Garland– Punch small holes at the ends of the East-West points of your stars. Thread yarn or twine through the holes to create a garland of 4th of July stars.
  • Wreaths– Wreaths are my favorite of all 4th of July decorating ideas. To make a wreath base, cut out a cardboard circle, using a large bowl as a template. Use a slightly smaller bowl to create and cut out the inner circle. Decorate your cardboard wreath base with the stars. Use a ribbon to hang.
  • Ornaments– Hang your stars with loops of ribbon or string from chair backs, door handles and in the windows. You can also decorate indoor or outdoor plants with your patriotic ornaments.

For full craft projects and more ideas, see 24 4th of July Decorating Ideas.

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