4 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Teacher

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Teaching is a thankless job. Not only do they have to spend all day with rambunctious children but then they have to spend all night grading papers and creating lesson plans. The madness never ends! But this Christmas take time out of your life to thank a teacher with these four great homemade Christmas gift ideas. Create some wonderful and loving teacher gifts. Taking only a small portion out of your day to make something nice for a teacher is a great way to help give thanks for all the amazing things that he or she does on a daily basis.

I have a very close friend of mine who is a middle school teacher and I asked her what gifts she would like to receive and here are some of the responses I got back from her:

Make Ornament-Shape Gift-Card Holders for ChristmasOrnament Shaped Gift Card Holders

A traditional gift to give a teacher is gift cards. All teachers (and really everybody else too) love free money. Brighten up the gift by making your own Christmas-themed gift card holder with this wondrous pattern from Better Homes and Garden. It not only is very easy to make but that little extra effort shows that you care.

Decorative Christmas Baskets Made SimpleDecorative Christmas Basket Filled With School Supplies

Most teachers have to spend their own money on basic school supplies like pens, paper, and post-it notes. Giving teachers a big basket full of school supplies is a stupendous gift that all teachers will be able to appreciate. However, like the gift card idea given above, the gift in and of itself can be boring and unimaginative. Our friends over at AllFreeHolidayCrafts have come up with a solution for this: an easy to make decorative Christmas basket. The basket takes under an hour to make, costs under 10 dollars to create, and it shows your thankfulness.

Coffee Teacher GiftsCoffee and Coffee Cozies

BREAKING NEWS: Teachers love coffee. Coffee is another classic gift that kids love to give their teacher and a gift that teachers love to accept. However, handing a teacher a bag of coffee grounds is just as much fun as it is for this kid to sit through that teacher’s class every day. House On Hill Road came up with an entertaining way to spruce up the gift. Their original idea was to create a fun gift card holder but I think this works even better when giving coffee as a gift.

Picture Of The Class With A Christmas Decoupage Picture Frame

My friend was telling me that when you work so long and when you spend so much time in the classroom, the kids become your second family. There is nothing more sentimental and personal than giving a gift of a picture of the class. Add a great Christmas touch to the picture with this great Christmas Decoupage Picture Frame from yours truly at FaveCrafts.


What is your go-to gift for a teacher during the holiday season?

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  1. Nicole Motta says

    I wish I still had teachers to give these gifts to; they’re so cute! I recently graduated from college and I made cookies for my teachers for the holidays while I was there. They all loved the cookies and hand-written notes but I never thought about coffee and cozies. That would have been so perfect. I’ve made myself coffee cozies and I don’t think a day went by without having a coffee in my hand in class. The coffee and cozies would have been a better plan than the cookies because you never know who has allergies these days. All I would have needed to do is sneak a peek at their Starbucks cup one week or gotten them a gift card for the on-campus Starbucks with a cozy in their favorite color. I crocheted my cozy but these fabric ones are much cuter… if only I had a sewing machine. Do you have any knitting or crochet patterns that are similarly adorable? The patterns I had were so plain.

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