22 Free Holiday Crochet Patterns Round-Up Part 1

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In search of inspiration, I’ve been scouring the web for the best free holiday crochet patterns from bloggers like you. And oh my have I found some talented crocheters. Since we’re rapidly approaching Christmas, this list of free crochet patterns will feature all the best Christmas patterns. Part 2 of this round-up, coming in January 2010, will be covering all upcoming holidays – like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc, so check back!

** If you are a crocheter and you have a great free Hanukkah pattern on your blog that you would like us to link to, please comment below =) Those crochet Hanukkah patterns are few and far between.

Here goes, The Best Free Holiday Crochet Patterns Round-Up Part One:

1. Air Freshener Angel Crochet Cover from The Art of Crochet
Such a pretty way to brighten up your room, and make it smell nice.


2. Granny Square Slippers from The Purl Bee
Elf-like crochet slippers, tooo cute. A pattern for men available too!


3. 3D Crochet Ornaments from Blogless Knitting
Steers from the typical flat-panel crochet patterns.


4. Jack Frost from CrochetSal
For a wintery holiday, nipping at your nose =)


5. Holiday Cheer Coaster from Yarn Pixie
Festive for your holiday party or a great gift.


6. Headband with Bow from Creative Yarn
A perfect accessory for your Christmas outfit.


7. Ruffle Scarf from A Little Slice of Life
Fabulous holiday gifts for everyone.


8. Snowflake Coaster from Priscilla’s Crochet (PDF pattern in “Kitchen”)
A snowflake or poinsettia, either one will do.


9. Little Trees from Vegan Craftastic
Love these little things, make them in different colors too.


10. Christmas Mice! on FaveCrafts
Who knew mice could be this cute.


11. Holiday Stripe Table Runner on FaveCrafts
Perfect for setting up your Christmas appetizer or dessert table.


Make sure you check back in January for Part Two of our Holiday Crochet Patterns Round-Up, featuring tons more of the best holiday crochet patterns from bloggers. Feel free to comment if you have a great free pattern that you want to share =) And as always, look for more updates to the FaveCrafts Crochet section.

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