14 New Years Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations eBook


Updated July 29, 2014
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Free New Year's Eve Party Ideas from FaveCrafts.com:  14 New Years Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations eBook


Ring in the new year right with this 14 New Year's Ever Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations eBook. From wine charms to table decorations, we've got you covered. And don't forget the great recipes!  Make a resolution to save some money this New Year's Eve by making your own New Years Eve party table decorations, New Year’s Eve party favors and noisemakers and even New Year’s Eve party wine charms! In this eBook, you'll find party ideas for New Year's Eve that won't break the bank. 


14 New Year's Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Crinks & Decorations  


Download the 14 New Years Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations eBook for FREE now. (pdf)





New Year's Finger Food:  Carnivale Bean Dip

If you're looking for new finger food ideas and are itching to learn a new appetizer, why not learn how to make bean dip? Not a lot of people know how delicious it is, and it's so easy to make! When you download this eBook, you'll learn three different finger foods to make, so you can choose the one you like best or try them all. When your friends taste the delicious appetizers you create, they'll be begging you to teach them too. Not a teacher? Just direct them to our free eBook so they can download it too. These finger food recipes yield scrumptious results for unique appetizers. The Carnivale Bean Dip, for example, is an inflation-proof recipe that is fantastic, and black-eyed peas are said to bring luck in the new year! This homemade recipe is so colorful and will draw guests toward it right away.


14 New Year's Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Crinks & Decorations  


Download the 14 New Years Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations eBook for FREE now. (pdf)





New Year's Dessert Recipes:  Delectable Doughnuts

Get a group of friends together and make a bunch of these delectable doughnuts. At the end of the day, everyone can enjoy a doughnut from scratch. You'll be taken back to those idyllic mornings of your youth when your only problem in life was deciding which flavor to eat. We've included recipes for how to make desserts inside this free eBook, so you're guaranteed to find something that you (or a friend) will like. You might even want to make one of each so you'll have enough to give to all of your friends. We love free dessert recipes, and we've gathered them all up in one eBook so you can spend more time making desserts and less time hunting around, looking for dessert recipes. If you're a doughnut enthusiast, you'll just love these Delectable Doughnuts. Round cakes symbolize coming full circle in the new year. What a great tasty snack these doughnuts would be to ring in the new year.



Download your copy of 14 New Years Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations today!








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New Year's Drink Recipes:  Rosato Toast

The third chapter of this free eBook focuses on drinks. We've included recipes for how to make cocktails, punches, and egg nog. You'll learn how to make drinks to please everyone with these delicious recipe ideas, including this stunning Rosato Toast. This classy cocktail drink is perfect for any celebration. Best of all, Rosato Toast tastes absolutely delicious. It's sure to make any party sparkle.



Download your copy of 14 New Year's Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations today!








New Year's Eve Party Table Decorations:  New Year's Eve Centerpiece

We've included another chapter in this free eBook featuring our party table decorations. In addition to learning how to create delicious finger foods, how to make savory desserts, and how to make a drink to die for, we have several more ideas for handmade party decorations. For instance, this New Year's Eve Centerpiece will help you get ready to bring in the New Year in style! This stunning centerpiece looks impressive, and you’ll love to tell your friends that you made it yourself.


...and more!



Download your copy of 14 New Year's Eve Party Ideas, Recipes, Drinks & Decorations today!








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All of these New Year's Eve party recipes and decoration ideas can be yours, absolutely free, from the finger food recipes and dessert recipes to the drink recipes and decoration ideas. All you have to do is click to download the eBook. You can save it to your computer, print it out, or just bookmark the page and return as often as you like! Make tons of recipes using the tutorials inside this eBook. Create tasty treats or make handmade decorations for a party. Download this free eBook today to check out all 14 projects and see which one is your favorite!

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